Scientifically proven exercises will maximize athletes‘ performance skills with VR-based practices which can be played anytime & anywhere

Alexander Zverev | Hamburg, Germany

Train like the world’s best athletes

ATP World Champion 2017, 2021 and Olympic Champion

"2021 has been by far my most successful year. We have begun to feature my customized neuroathletic exercises into the IMPROVR solution. I can now train anytime and anywhere. This is a true game changer in professional sports!"

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Brain Based

VR Device

Gamefication Elements

Neuro centered exercises

Together with our exclusive expert Lars Lienhard, one of the most renowned neuroathletics trainers worldwide, we develop neuro-centered exercises to intensify brain training.

The field-proven neuroathletic exercises were also used by the German National Football Team during the 2014 FIFA World Cup and other world-class events.

Players such as Per Mertesacker (Arsenal London), Serge Gnabry (FC Bayern) and other National Players in the Bundesliga and the Premier League work with brain based exercises.

Coordinative exercises

Life Kinetik® is a brain based training concept that adds coordinative tasks into the picture. The goal is to create new and faster synapses for faster and more efficient actions. Its inventor and founder, Horst Lutz, is another exclusive member of Improvr.

Great supporters of this training philosophy are, among others, Jürgen Klopp (Liverpool FC) and Felix Neureuther.

Cognitive Tasks

Cognitive skills play a key role in elite athletic performance. Perfect capabilities in terms of decision making and reaction time separate the champions from the rest.

Improvr enables athletes to access the ultimate level of sports related cognition. Our game design tasks make sure they stay this crucial step ahead of the competition.

VR device

IMPROVR is your mobile smart coach. Just turn on your VR Device – and you´re ready to start your personalized brain training program.

No need to set up accessories, no need to write down training plans. It´s all inside.
And due to intelligent data processing you can track your performance, get recommendations and even compare your results with other athletes.

Gamefication Elements

Our exercises feel much more like a game you play, not a task you have to accomplish. And because of the highly immersive nature of our setup you will experience a focus like you have never seen before.

Still everything we do follows one simple goal:

To make you the best athlete you can possibly be!

Train smarter

Professional athletes in team and single sports have reached their physical limits, tight competition schedules do not allow for extra training sessions. We create short brain based exercises that maximize the effects of existing training and it unlocks the untapped potential which is inside of each athlete´s brain.

Lars Lienhard

Neurocentric Coach & Instructor

„VR technology provides diverse possibilities for implementation in Athletics. The enhanced attention of a viewer is an effective trigger for neuroplastic training. VR will add many new aspects to the future of training.“

Peter Mayer

Managing Director, German Tennis Association (DTB)
„We have been very intensively involved with the VR technology at the Tennisbase. We recognized the added value for both professional and amateur athletes very quickly. We are convinced, that this innovating training will find its way into sports.“

Urs Meier

Former FIFA Referee of the Year, Key Note Speaker and Entrepreneur

„This new technology, combined with the game-orientated cognitive training exercises, will enable athletes worldwide to reach a new personal level. We will be amazed at the positive impact of this virtual training method in sports in the coming years“

Meet the team

It is passion for performance that is driving us every day

Alexander Will

Founder | CEO

Business-Strategy and Development, Sales&Marketing


Jens Bünger


Operations, International Business, Sales&Marketing


Marc Forstmann


Production Structure


Alexander Menakhin

Head of Product Development

VR/AR/MR Products, 3D-Design, UI/UX, Backend


Knowledge Base

I am already training several hours a day. What is the benefit of adding IMPROVR on top of my training routine?

In workouts focusing on strength, endurance, technical skills or speed you work on the „hardware“ of your system (like your muscles, organs, joints and nerves). IMPROVR optimizes the „software“ inside your brain. That way every training session you do will become more effective.

Are there specific sports IMPROVR can be applied to?

The more physical movements a sport requires the more those athletes will benefit  from the IMPROVR system. Our current focus is on improving athletes in tennis, soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball and football.

What is the uniqueness about IMPROVR?
IMPROVR is the only solution worldwide that combines VR technology with multiple scientifically proven methods to improve specifically those brain skills that top performing athletes require. We combine neuroathletic, coordinative and cognitive tasks into exercises that can be measured and tracked.

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